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Tetravalent Icons

Carbon not included

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Welcome to Tetravalent Icons, an icon journal ran by infraorbital. While a large bulk of posts contain icons, you can also find some icon/graphic textures and brushes. As for the icons themselves, I try to explore a large amount of interests, but most of my icons are typically stuff from Key/Visual Arts games and Tanemura Arina series.

Terms of Usage:
I'd appreciate it if you could comment at the entry and credit in keywords. I'm not going to be anal about it, though. I do not have the time and motivation to hunt someone down for not fairly crediting me. However, you would make me feel a bit sad. No one likes to be sad, right?

One last thing - please do not claim these icons as your own or invert my icons (this includes textless icons).

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strawberrymix, berryshuffle, invisible_plan, clampesque, afterain_icons, sorceresses, lovetogether, winnar, rainfall_icons, twistedcuteness, chopstickicons, soulspring